REVIEW: Divine Realm - Nordicity (Independent)

Divine Realm's album Nordicity is an absolute must in my books. Listening to the songs on this album left me wanting to listen to more by them. It was a perfect blend of symphonic melody intertwined within some of the songs. There was just one thing that I truly wanted more from this album, to hear more from them. For those who enjoy listening to Instrumental Prog, you will most assuredly like Divine Realm's Nordicity.

The first song on the album is called "As the Crow Flies". At a mere 1:20 this song is nothing short of absolutely beautiful to listen to. To be 100% honest, the beginning is my absolute favorite. It starts with a subtle guitar intro, and then grows even more. It, though short, is a relaxing song to listen to.

"Autumn" is the next song on this album that though a bit more upbeat, just as great as the first. The guitarist truly makes their guitar "sing" in this song. I can definitely understand why this was called "Autumn". If you close your eyes while listening to this and try to imagine it, this would definitely be the theme of Autumn being fast forwarded. Another song that has not let me down.

"Whitewater", to be perfectly honest, has to be one of my favorites to listen to on this album.  This song reminds me of the Whitewater rapids. Sounds weird, but this song starts of strong, and keeps going strong.  Divine Realm definitely knows their stuff, and it shows in this track.

"Revival" is the fourth song on this album, I will say, is my absolutely favorite song on Nordicity. Not only is every note strong, but also the song is very relaxing. "Revival" is by far one of the most beautiful songs I have had the pleasure to listen to. Major Kudos to Divine Realm for writing such a beautiful song that one could truly relax to.

The last song on this album is titled "Hanging Valleys". I have one thing to say about this song, and it is very strong. Listening to this song, it is written with strong emotion behind it. This is very obvious with every single note that is played, and not surprising a great addition to this album.

Listening to instrumental music is so great to listen to, but when you find an album this good, it makes you want more. Nordicity is one of those albums that I have to say makes me want to listen to more of Divine Realm. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every single song. Each and every song was written with such great emotion, and if I had to rate each song I couldn't. Yes Revival is my favorite song on the album, but to rate least to favorite I couldn't. Each and every song was amazing. All I can say is that I definitely want to hear more from Divine Realm, they are great to listen to.


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