REVIEW: REPULSIONE - Desecrating (Wooaaargh)

Quite literally, Repulsione scared me. I'm no stranger to Grindcore, I actually own a few Grindcore releases myself, but after sliding on my headphones and expecting the same-old run-of-the-mill stuff - I was thrown off so badly by the fuzzed out Bass that it made me jump. And, that is a pretty good representation of what you'll get on the entirety of Desecrating. It's the musical equivalent of being beat over the head with a shovel - just a particularly disgusting one.

I'm not going to pretend I even know what is being said here, what any theme is, nothing. There are some scant hints, but the majority of the vocals are screamed at you with incredible speed and aggression, or so slow and low you can't hope to get what is going on. I mean, it's Grindcore, you could be listening to anything at any time and rarely catch a single work through an entire album. So, Repulsione hits that check-mark and then some.

Composition is not bad but I can't decide if I tolerate or hate the double bass on Desecrating. I do enjoy originality, but the tone is just, as I said, fuzzed to hell and back. It's like listening to a buzzsaw an inch from your ear - I am not exaggerating in the slightest. It's okay for a couple of songs, but because of the tone being what it is, how the band seems to want one bass to act as a guitar and the other to act as a straight forward bass - it just throws everything out of whack. The standard acting bass occasionally evens things out, but it can't help but feel like it's all a little off - even for Grindcore.

At times, Repulsione gave me a headache. I had to stop the album occasionally just to take a break, even on songs I enjoyed like 'An Infamous Beast'. Maybe it all sounds better in a live environment and the band was trying to stay true to that? Or, maybe there should have been more effort put into the intermingling of the instruments.

Again, the songs are good, really well done, but the fuzzed out bass should have just been a guitar - especially if Repulsione was just going to obliterate the sound associated with bass guitar. It's absolutely crushing, no nonsense Grindcore. It is utterly brutal, but when it comes to the point where I got to take a breather to save my brain from imploding - a few points might be lost. Then again, it might just be what this band is going for. If Grindcore is strictly about in-your-face aggression, Repulsione are the crème de la crème of their chosen genre.